Auxiliary equipment for precision machining

Diamond suspension / paste


Diamond paste is an indispensable auxiliary material in various superfinishing processes such as fine grinding, lapping and polishing (e.g.  post-processing of drawing dies). The products are colored according to the grain size, which facilitates identification in daily work. Suspension or paste residue and the removal can be rinsed off with warm water.


  • Excellent adhesion on polishing tool
  • Usable without additional lubricant
  • Uniform distribution of the diamond grains in the suspension
  • Uniform diamond concentration within the diamond suspension / diamond paste
  • Very high gloss effect
  • Extremely economical and efficient in use
  • Ready-made  diamond suspension
  • Ready for use without dilution
  • Optimal removal rate
  • Dilution and cleaning with water
  • Use for machine polish

Diamond grinding pins for industrial purposes

Diamantschleifstifte für die Industrie
Diamantschleifstifte für die Industrie

EUROMICRON Werkzeuge offers diamond grinding pins for mechanical superfinishing in various grain sizes which are characterized by high grinding efficiency and machining performance.

Besides grinding carbide metal, galvanically bonded diamond tools are also ideal for processing green (pre-sintered) hard metals, thermosetting plastics, glass fiber reinforced plastic materials, graphite, synthetic carbon, ferrites, ceramic materials, hollow glass and laboratory glass. Using galvanic diamond pins, internal grinding of carbide metals can be performed at a low temperature, fast and geometrically perfect with high dimensional accuracy.

Areas of application include: carbide metal and carbide metal green parts, glass fiber reinforced plastics, carbon fiber-reinforced plastics, thermoset resins and thermoplastics, synthetic carbon, ferrite, graphite, glass, rubber (diamond), HSS, hardened steels, high alloy steels (CBN).

Cutting speed: Reference values 20 - 60 m/s